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I retired on March 11th 2014 after 26 years as a doctors receptionist. I am now looking forward to the freedom to enjoy my days doing anything I wish to. Spending time with family, catching up with friends. Playing in my Scrappy Shack, scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journalling, quilting, gardening, baking. Spending wonderful times with my beloved other half. I am so looking forward to this time in my life.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Desperately Wanted

Required Urgently

A Mojo of any size, small or large, mine is lost in the oblivion that is my shed and I need one URGENTLY

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Today I am confessing to an addiction, I cannot stop buying journals and notebooks. The problem is I then cannot bear to use them!!

Are there any other similar addicts out there?  If there are, can you advise me on how to deal with it.  These two photo's show only those that are in The Shoebox (My home). I also have many in storage and in the Scrappy Shack!

I buy them, stroke them, smell them, but do everything to avoid using them. In fact they are just a symptom of an even bigger problem! The addiction to paper and card has my Scrappy Shack full to bursting.
I would like to use all of these with gay abandon, but cannot.Fear of spoiling a new book comes from being at school. Getting new exercise books at the beginning of the school year. Then blotting the first page with nib pens and black ink.  It ALWAYS happened, right through school.... I think worrying about blotting the books actually ended up sabotaging me.  So I need hints, tips and advice to enable me to open these books and use them.  Cannot think of a better platform that WOYWW provides, thanks to the wonderful Julia Dunnit.

Friday, 13 April 2012

All is Quiet in Scrappy Shack.

Nothing much has been happening due to our break in Scotland last week, and some remodelling and decorating in the Shoebox too. We hare having a family day tomorrow because of the FA Cup Semi Final between Everton and Liverpool, followed by the Grand National. But I am hoping to do a fair amount of crafty stuff starting on Sunday. Here's to a Great result for EVERTON and a very safe sporting spectacular at Aintree.  Have a Wonderful Weekend All