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I retired on March 11th 2014 after 26 years as a doctors receptionist. I am now looking forward to the freedom to enjoy my days doing anything I wish to. Spending time with family, catching up with friends. Playing in my Scrappy Shack, scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journalling, quilting, gardening, baking. Spending wonderful times with my beloved other half. I am so looking forward to this time in my life.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Hopes

Happy New Year.

I am hoping with the new year comes new inspiration to get back to crafting.  I have done nothing for months and have been wanting to sell all my crafting stuff.  But since my health scare my family are insisting I try to get back to it. So here I am making a start. I am looking for inspiration and motivation out here in Blogland so if you have any to spare, please send it my way.


Sheilagh :)


  1. Ohhh, don't sell your crafty stuff...if you want to sell things, create with your stash and sell the finihsed products. If you sell your stash and tools, you can't create more!

    For me, going in the challenges helps me to get in the swing of things. Why not pick even one or two challenges to go into with each creation. Even just one if you found the tracking of it
    all overwhelming.

    I am also rearranging how I store things in my room to help me create my cards more easily.

    Your are welcome to email me if you ned any support. i craft with health issues too. For me, I find it is therapeutic!

  2. I bought a few things today for Valentine cards and as soon as I get things neatened up a bit I'll launch into them. Wishes for a good week and lots of hugs!