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I retired on March 11th 2014 after 26 years as a doctors receptionist. I am now looking forward to the freedom to enjoy my days doing anything I wish to. Spending time with family, catching up with friends. Playing in my Scrappy Shack, scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journalling, quilting, gardening, baking. Spending wonderful times with my beloved other half. I am so looking forward to this time in my life.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Month to Sort my Mess

This was my workspace eighteen months ago, when I was very proud of my wonderful  new "Scrappy Shack".

This is the same workspace today.....

And this is the rest of my shed.....
To say I am utterly ashamed 
 and overwhelmed by it is 
an understatement.

There are thousands of pounds worth of crafting "Stuff" here
but I cannot get to use it as my MoJo is well and truly buried in there.

So I have set myself a mission: 
To get it sorted by the end of March.
To show my progress here with weekly photo updates.

Hopefully my creative juices will arrive back at the same time as I find my MoJo and I will get some half decent arty/crafty projects completed.


  1. I bet you will have a ball once you get started!! Yep, your mojo is in there somewhere!


  2. This is what my shed looked like the other week except its full of papers on one side and material on the other! Its all sorted now so its great to know where stuff is again instead of climbing over various garden furniture and toys just thrown in there over the winter!

  3. I see it, there it is, your mojo... I've been feeling the same way all day. Maybe our mojo's are out playing together on the outside.

  4. Wow, that looks like an amazing collection of crafting materials and resources!! I'm sure just by tackling it even in small stages you will find inspiration. But enjoy doing it - I'm not sure its a good thing to do if you feel like it's a chore.
    Good luck with your mission :) xx

  5. there is bound to be oodles of inspiration amongst the many supplies and I am sure you will get it together to sort it out. Consider it a hunting trip in order to find your Mojo/inspiration