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I retired on March 11th 2014 after 26 years as a doctors receptionist. I am now looking forward to the freedom to enjoy my days doing anything I wish to. Spending time with family, catching up with friends. Playing in my Scrappy Shack, scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journalling, quilting, gardening, baking. Spending wonderful times with my beloved other half. I am so looking forward to this time in my life.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The World is NOT Coming to An End...honest.... really....oh well don't believe me if you don't want to..

The Scrappy Shack is Clear and ready for Action....No No Nooo Do Not Panic.
If you felt the earth move it may have been me, I have been in there for four and a half hours and it is looking pretty good. My back is broken but the shack looks great.  Thanks to the advice a a little help from my darling the floor can now be seen and I can stand at the work desk and I may even get some crafting done in there before the day is done.

Trouble is I cannot find my camera to take photo's to prove it, but there are still a few hours left of the day, I may still get them posted.....Watch this space.

Found my camera..here is the proof:

 I cannot believe the workspace and floorspace I have now.
The question now is: How long will this last?

Let's wait and see.

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  1. Ok. One question. When you coming to do mine??? LOL Seriously impressive! Colour me GobSmacked! Well done She! You are a star! Love you! xxoo

  2. Wow...you have really been working hard. I think you have done a fabulous job. It must feel so good!!!

    1. Well done, I am so glad you were inspired to get cracking. Looking forward to seeing some crafting from you now! Great to see you yesterday but no time to talk sadły. Love jo x