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I retired on March 11th 2014 after 26 years as a doctors receptionist. I am now looking forward to the freedom to enjoy my days doing anything I wish to. Spending time with family, catching up with friends. Playing in my Scrappy Shack, scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journalling, quilting, gardening, baking. Spending wonderful times with my beloved other half. I am so looking forward to this time in my life.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


More preparations for the retreat. I have got to get the bulk of it finished today ans my husband comes off shift tonight.  He is very patient and giving with me, but when I take over our living space as well as my shack it pushes him a little towards his limit. So getting page kits together is the plan this morning.  Thank you to Scrappymo for the great "tutorial" on packing for a retreat, it was just what I needed.

Just going to pop across to Julia at Stamping Ground to be inspired by creative ladies world wide. Why don't you join me?

Happy WOYWW.


  1. Looks like you're busy! Hope it goes well. Take care, enjoy this week's snooping extravaganza! Zo xx 74

  2. My husband gave up being cranky with me, I just took over the dining room table. Hope you have a great time at retreat
    Bridget #28

  3. Hope you have a great time, a lovely long space! Have a great week trace x 58

  4. You look to have it all sussed there Sheilagh, now all you have to do is get it all bagged up before DH comes in and then sit back, relax and when it's time - go go go. Enjoy yourself!
    Hugs, neet #20 xx

  5. Have a fun time at your Retreat...thanks for stopping by, looks like a lot to pack up!!! but have fun being creative. Happy WOYWW

  6. Wonderful that you will have quality craft time at the retreat, lucky you! I have a comprehensive list on file in the computer of anything I might possibly need for a workshop or for when I teach or dem, which I print out for each event. I tick off all the things on it that I need then cross tick them when I've got them in my bags. It has proved failsafe over the years.
    Thanks for visiting and be sure to look in next week when I'll be WOYWWing from Slovenia ( can't spell Lubijlijana or whatever the specific place is we will visit, tee hee!
    Love JoZarty x

  7. Have fun at your retreat.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #54

  8. Poor husband! My husband would say something too if my mess went beyond my craft room! Patsy from

  9. Thanks for the much appreciated link to my blog. I apologize that the spelling and grammar were so atrocious! I am visiting family and the lap top sits high and the chair is very low so I am typing with my wrist up in the air. LOL

    My family was chatting to me in the background and I didn't proofread. Hope you have tons of fun and get lots done!

  10. How do you choose what to take? Have a great retreat, and thanks for visiting me today, Cindy #14

  11. Thanks for visiting me, delighted that you like the cats. They are an important part of the family. Hope the retreat goes well.
    Ros. #121

  12. Oh you are going to have sooo much fun, goodness you are going to have to rent a uhaul to get it all there!


  13. Your retreat sounds wonderful, how exciting. I would be scared I didn't have what I wanted and would end up taking everything, you look very organised there choosing things carefully.
    Have fun and Happy WOYWW
    Thanks for stopping by already.
    Hugs Lisax #98

  14. How exciting to be heading off on a crafty retreat - have a great time!

  15. I am lucky, most times the whole house gets covered in craftymess and hubby just sits amongst it, and falls to sleep!! He doesn't even moan when there's glitter on his shirts as I often use the ironing board to craft on! Have a great crafting week!! Thank you for my snoop!! HaPpY wOyWw!!
    Sorry very late, builders are here putting in new windows. Happy Crafting!!
    ((Lyn)) #32

  16. Hope you had a lovely time on your retreat. Thank you for stopping by on Jennifers blog hop and leaving me a comment.

  17. happy WOYWW! ha, ha, i guess they think we will take over the whole house with crafting supplies if they don't say anything!
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  18. WOW...you have a Shack!!!!! Awsome I love it! If I had a garden I would have a crafty shack too, its wonderful you have worked hard on that I can tell! Have you a kettle in there too :) bet you have! Enjoy it! And have crafty week!